Wednesday, July 30, 2008

eh...never mind on the dress...but help me on the cake!

So Heather kindly brought it to my attention last night via text message that although the new choice of bridesmaid dress is cute, it will not work with a certain big boobied bridesmaid of thanks to HVRJC for that!! And if you've ever seen the bridesmaid in question, you'll know why this is a great decision to scrap this dress...and I'll go look for a particular big boobied picture of her so those of you that don't know her, will get a better idea...

But I do need some help with the cake...I'm meeting with my baker guy next weekend (when I pick up the cupcakes for the baby shower!) and he wants to go over some stuff for the cake, and I'm planning on taking him these three pictures.

I like them all, but I'd rather they be square, not round. And I don't care for the big black bow on the first one, but other than that, which one??

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bridesmaid dress?

So Alfred Angelo, where I got my dress, let me know about some new bridesmaid dresses they have...and they are jersey knit, so they are much cooler to wear, and really comfortable. And I kinda like this one:

I keep changing my mind on these, but I really like them, and I figured I'm going to make my sister go and try it on while she's in town...and then I'll decide...maybe :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Engagement pics are in...

After almost a week, our engagement pictures are in! We used a great photographer, Angel Porch, in Oklahoma City, recommended highly from Melissa (thank you!). It was hotter than whooey last Saturday, but we suffered through it for some great pics. I seriously stressed about these, more so than anything else so far with this wedding, and I think, for the most part, they turned out pretty well. So here's a few of the pics...

If you get a chance, and would like to look at the rest, go to and go to "client proofing" and the password is kelsey. It's only up for two weeks though!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

THE dress...and some venting.

I've been at work now for about 20 minutes and pretty much have already completed everything I needed to get done's going to be a looooong day, huh?? I just got off the phone with this idiot client guy in Ohio that asked if he needed me to spell out "Cincinnati" (apparently, Oklahomans are idiots) and he kept smacking his gum the entire time he was on the phone with me. Couldn't get rid of him fast enough. Geez, the professionalism of some people...

So it's on to more wedding details...I know it's over a year away, but I've already bought my dress...I know, I know, I'm waaaay ahead of myself, but I didn't realize that the 3rd dress I tried on would be "the one" and HAD to be bought...
Just picture it in all white instead of that gold stuff on there...(and I feel pretty confident that David will never find this site, so no worries there, folks!) I never would've thought I'd wear a form fitting dress (helllooo...I'm curvy!) but it actually looks a-may-zing, and now I want to wear it all the time.

So not fair that you only get to wear the dress once...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Well, here goes...

So I've decided to do a blog...been thinking about it for a while, mainly to just organize my own thoughts on this wedding, and to get feedback on some things without David seeing any of it...! (he doesn't care about any of this, as most of you that are already married can probably attest to...) I've made pretty much all of the big decisions already, put deposits down on the church and for the d.j., and now...we wait...

aaaaand, we that's what I've decided to do. To post pictures of stuff, get opinions on things...all that. I'd originally thought that was what the wedding website I created was for, but it's pretty limited in what you can do, without paying for it basically, and there's some stuff I don't want David to see (uh, like my dress...!) so I figured this was a great way to do that! So here goes...

So the first picture is the dress I've chosen for Abby, my junior bridesmaid. She really wants to add a hot pink sash or ribbon to the waist, and we'll probably do that or something else to make her "stand out from the other bridesmaids." She really feels like she should be completely separate from the others...of course, she's 12, and her opinion should be taken with a grain of salt (she also considered having hot pink glitter in her hair...ummmm, no).

Now on to the bridesmaid dresses...
I really like these cause they're cute and comfortable and flattering on anyone (my sister has said I should probably be prepared to have hers let out..."just in case" she's pregnant...whatever, Kristin...)

The bridal party:
Matron of Honor: Becky (Wood) Bryan
Matron of Honor: Kristin (my sister)
Maid of Honor: Laura Powell
Bridesmaid: Laura (Hull) Messer
Bridesmaid: Missy Stapleton

So with Abby, that makes six. And I'm thrilled these women agreed to do this for me (of those five I've been in three of their weddings and will be in one other one!)

I haven't ordered these dresses just yet, mainly cause I need some feedback on them. And just in case anyone didn't know, the colors are black and hot pink (with a little orange too), so I had considered hot pink dresses too...and I think I just saw Becky cringe a little bit... :)