Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I heart Illustrator CS3...


Thought I'd let everyone in on what the logo for the wedding looks like! I created this a while back, and it's going to be on A LOT of stuff for the wedding...I've already made stamps with it so it will go on all the save the date cards, it's going on napkins, and just yesterday, I received the cups (MUCH thanks to my G Little Jayme for getting those made for me!!) with the logo on it!! They look fantastic, and once I get a chance, I'll take a picture of one of those, as well.

And if I consider getting really creative with this logo, I'm thinking of having it put on a white aisle runner...but not sure if I should spend the money on something like that...??

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Like a songbird keeps singing

During recruitment, I sneaked out during the preference round parties to get Heather Hughes on video singing...Heather's now a Phi Mu alumna, but was needed on pref day to sing a couple of songs because the member that was going to had completely lost her voice from days of screaming and talking. I was super excited though about it cause it gave me the chance to video Heather. Reason being that she's agreed to sing at the wedding (not telling what song or when, that'll be left as a surprise...!) and I wanted everyone to hear how amazing she sounds. She always give me goosebumps.

Heather's also pretty special to me in that she's such an amazing individual, has triumphed through some difficult things that were thrown at her while she was in school, and I am just thrilled and honored that she's agreed to sing for me.

And if you are really interested, this video was taken a little later that same day. This is Heather singing "Feels Like home" and then the chorus with the Phi Mus. It's become one of my favorite songs, and if my own sister hadn't used it at her wedding this last May, I'd be using it at some point too! Now if I could get the Phi Mus to come and sing it, that'd be okay too...

Monday, August 18, 2008

More Recruitment Pics...

These are some more pics from recruitment and of the new renovations to the house.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Phi Mu Recruitment 2008

So recruitment is OVER. And it was by far the absolute BEST EVER that has occurred at the Phi Mu house in Stillwater. And I mean that! The organization and efficiency of those in charge (mainly seniors) led to a smoothly run, drama free, somewhat calm recruitment...the real excitement surrounded Ali Pickens, granddaughter of billionaire Boone Pickens, and seeing what would happen with her (she wound up at AXO). We had some computer issues with the forced upon us by nationals program, Recruiter ICS, but luckily, we had issues with it last year too, so I was prepared with a back up plan that was put into place the morning of pref day. I wish you could've seen the emails I was receiving from this guy at ICS and take note of the date and time they were sent...for example, I had asked about some feature on it required for final scoring last Tuesday...he got back with me on Thursday. I inquired again about this feature, only to receive a response on SATURDAY. Bid Day. A whole day after I needed to have this feature working. I responded with a very tactful screw you email and a promise to not use his program or offer my recommendation of it to other chapters until the program ran perfectly.

But that was our only issue all week long. The members did a fabulous job, quota was 48 and we got 51!! The new skit is the best yet and the house was decorated beautifully. We're also hearing that our phis are the "hottest pledge class OSU has ever had" so needless to say, the Phi Mus heads will probably swell quite a bit... :)

So now that I can get back to my regular life, I'll return to wedding planning. I received the prints of my engagement pictures this weekend, so I'll be scanning those in soon and making my guest book with some of the pictures. That's the main reason I wanted the engagement pictures taken so soon before the wedding cause I wanted them to have pictures of us outside, and this summer was about the only time I was going to be able to do that!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Reception Details

So Phi Mu recruitment begins today, but I'd rather play on the much more fun...! (I'm currently having some difficulty with our computer system, so while I wait for a response from Nationals, I shall post pictures of wedding things...)

We're having the wedding in Stillwater, with the ceremony at the First United Methodist Church and the reception at the Wes Watkins center (and for the Sooners that will be present at this wedding, you'll be across the street from the newly enhanced Boone Pickens Stadium...hee hee).

It's a huge room, and for those of you that went to OSU, this is where Greek Discovery Day began for the high school girls, and it's also where the Greek Man/Woman Pageant was that Kim Tessmann won when she did push ups...with her legs behind her head. To the Rocky theme song.

The main reason I wanted to go with the WWC is because they have the greatest selection of linens it's not even funny. Good thing I already knew what I wanted when I met with them because they pulled out four binders of over 400 linens to look through...that's alot of tablecloths...
So I'm going with a black one with a silver pattern through it:

and hot pink napkins and bows on the back of the chairs. Alot like this:

and the centerpieces are square vases about 6" tall, with pink orchids, and my cousin's wife, Jenny, is doing all the flowers and putting these light things in the bottom of the vases, with dyed pink water, kind of like this:

Not that many orchids though, she only wants to put a few in them. The only other thing on the tables will probably be a menu, along with the pink organza bags for the candy buffet table (if I still do that...haven't quite made up my mind on that one yet). I don't like alot of clutter on tables, and lit tea lights are nice and all, but I think the light from the vases will be enough. Plus my dj is doing something with pink lights on the walls, so I doubt I need the candlelight.

Think that's it for now! My mom did pick up my wedding dress last week, and it's safely tucked away in TWO bags in her closet, so I won't be tempted to put it on every day and walk around my house...sigh...