Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Like a songbird keeps singing

During recruitment, I sneaked out during the preference round parties to get Heather Hughes on video singing...Heather's now a Phi Mu alumna, but was needed on pref day to sing a couple of songs because the member that was going to had completely lost her voice from days of screaming and talking. I was super excited though about it cause it gave me the chance to video Heather. Reason being that she's agreed to sing at the wedding (not telling what song or when, that'll be left as a surprise...!) and I wanted everyone to hear how amazing she sounds. She always give me goosebumps.

Heather's also pretty special to me in that she's such an amazing individual, has triumphed through some difficult things that were thrown at her while she was in school, and I am just thrilled and honored that she's agreed to sing for me.


And if you are really interested, this video was taken a little later that same day. This is Heather singing "Feels Like home" and then the chorus with the Phi Mus. It's become one of my favorite songs, and if my own sister hadn't used it at her wedding this last May, I'd be using it at some point too! Now if I could get the Phi Mus to come and sing it, that'd be okay too...



The West Family said...

She sounds beautiful! Does the title of your blog entry give any hints as to the song at your wedding? :-)
P.S. I think you should change into a pink tutu for the reception.

Kara said...

Awww, that made me teary!

The Rust Family said...

I caught that too Ashley! We are so smart. She has an awesome voice perfect for your "weddding song" :)
Phi Mu is like a real house now isn't it??

Kelsey said...

You guys think you're so clever... :)

and nope, I was just trying to think of a cute title...

but I might consider it now!