Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Invites and Flower Girls

Thought I'd continue to display all the details of the wedding, so here's some more! This is part of the invites. They are actually hot pink on the outside, then orange on the inside, with this paper acting as a border (kinda hard to explain I just realized...) This is also the design that my cake man is using on the cake (hot pink icing with this design as white fondant).

I'm also trying to decide between two patterns for the flower girl dress. Here's one:

and the other:

The flower girl is my cousin Lily, but only if her mom (Jenny, my florist) wants to have to chase after the little hellion all weekend (she's a little nuts...that's why I like her...)

And Heather told me that Annabelle (whom was just born last Thursday!) could play flowergirl for me too. We'll just put her in a flower covered wagon and have Gus and Carson pull her down the aisle... :)


Anonymous said...

I like the first flower girl dress!!! Its soooo cute!! I think it would be ADORABLE to have Annabelle pulled down the isle in a wagon! I have actually seen it twice and it is sooooo cute!!! Everything seems to be coming along great!


Krissy said...
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Krissy said...

I like the polka dot dress. (I had a typo the first time I tried to comment so I had to delete it. I hate typos plus you would call me out on it.)

Dawson's Mommy said...

I like the first dress too! Everything looks so cute! I love your save the date cards!

Kara said...

I vote for the first dress too, it's so cute for a little girl!

Cindy Siegrist said...

I vote for the first dress too!