Monday, October 27, 2008

New Initiates...and a slideshow.

Well, the Phi Mus had initiation this past Saturday and initiated 47 new members! The chapter is doing great, and despite what's going on with Theta and hazing and the possibility of losing their charter, Phi Mu is pretty much kicking ass at the be proud, alumnae!

So I'm working on a slide show for the wedding reception...I picked up some baby pictures of David this weekend from his mom, and once I scan those in, I'll be putting the whole thing together. Gotta admit though, the ratio of my baby pics to 300:1...I'm gonna fix that so it's much more proportioned, I promise!

So as soon as I get it figured out, should I go ahead and upload it here or do you want to wait and see it at the reception?

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Anonymous said...

Well for those of us who aren't invited to the wedding would like to see the slide show! :)