Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Giving thanks

So I decided to think of a few things I'm thankful for (I mean, Thanksgiving IS in a couple of days and all...). It's been a rough couple of months with a few things, and sometimes I need to put it back in to perspective. So here goes:

• I get to work on the OSU campus. This really is one of my most favorite places to be, and I'm truly thankful that currently, I get to work in such a beautiful environment.

• Now I may be a little premature on this and really regret saying anything at all this time next week, but I'm currently up for my absolute dream job (Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs) at OSU. I'll know for sure next week (or so they say!) but it's really exciting considering I've been working toward this goal for six years now. Think good thoughts and prayers for me!

• I'm a season ticket holder for OSU football and women's basketball.

• In the last year alone, I've been able to travel to some pretty amazing places:
Bamberg, Germany

Seattle, WA

Cuchara, CO

• I'm a sucker for Becky's baby, Gus

• I love my siblings and their spouses (or future spouse I should say for Matthew). And just think, twenty years ago, I couldn't stand the little boogers...

• I get to marry a pretty awesome guy too... :)

So I've rambled enough, and I guess it's pretty apparent that I have much to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Living with a boy...

So as most of you know, David has now completely moved in with me in Stillwater...and my life has been completely turned upside down in the past couple of months, but hey, we're making it work...! Things I did not consider though when living with a boy:

(1) Cleaning up the kitchen...One night, I made manicotti. I apparently spilled some marinara sauce on the white stove, but didn't notice. David says "you cook, I clean" so I let him do that. The next day, I'm going to start dinner, when I notice the marinara on the stove, obviously from the night before. David's standing right behind me when I notice it and he says: "Yeah, I saw that today." Seriously?? If ya saw it, why didn't you clean it then?? Gah, boys...

(2) Hears, but never really listens...I have a conference at UCO that I'm going to, and my plan was, and I told him this probably 42 times, to spend the night at my mom's the night before, go to the conference, then take my mom to see Twilight. Sounds like a simple plan, right? David asked me last night, "So you're gonna go back to work after your meeting? Where is your meeting? On campus here right?" Grrr...uh, no, honey, like I told you the other 41 times...

(3) Not understanding the concept of a "pretty Christmas tree" and a "tacky Christmas tree". Those are two different things. Not to David...

(4) I've underestimated the amount of sports that can be watched at all times of the day/night.

(5) I've also underestimated the overwhelming draw to sports message boards...

(6) Sending him to buy groceries is just not a good idea. Easy Cheez? Really?

And now for some reasons why I appreciate him being here now:

(1) I haven't done the laundry in two months...apparently, me leaving it in the dryer for three days drives him so nuts that he took this task on all by himself.

(2) Trash to the curb? Yeah, haven't done that in a while either.

(3) Any weird noise I used to hear at night when I lived by myself is suddenly gone.

(4) Ever taken two cats to the vet? You can't do that alone.

(5) I actually have a reason to cook a good meal for dinner other than just for leftovers for work.

(6) Someone to kill the spiders that the cats are playing with.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hair dids.

So I need some assistance...how shall I do my hair?? My hair lady, Lacey, wants to play with it and I wanted to give her a couple of pictures to work off of for the time being. My hair is pretty long now, and so pretty much any style will work...as long as I don't get too frustrated with it and cut all of this off...! Help??

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Grooms Cake Idea

So my friend Joey sent me an idea for the grooms cake...since David and I are such big NASCAR fans, I thought this would be so cute! We'd of course put our favorite drivers' cars on the cake to drive around the track (mine would be WAY ahead of his...). I'm really wanting to stay away from the "house divided" or anything OU for his cake (his request, not mine!) so I thought this would be perfect!