Friday, December 5, 2008

Living with a boy...part two...

So I've decided I'm going to write a book...and I'm going to call it "Living with a boy" and pretty much give details on the stupid crap I have to learn to adjust to...David is aware that he is the topic of such book, and I will allow him to read it only when it's done and he will then have to acknowledge that he can be an idiot... :) I will begin this book right here on the blog (see "Living with a boy" a post I did earlier for what may be the first chapter of the book...)

So with that in mind, here's the latest "living with a boy" entry:

I asked David to rake the leaves from the flower bed cause they were getting pretty piled up behind the skimpy little bushes and looking kinda trashy. I hate leaves. And I hate them more so when they are making my cute little house look trashy.

So with his OU work gloves on, a couple of trash bags, and the rake, he went to work.

I went outside to check on his progress at one point, and noticed that he was not using the rake.

He was picking up the leaves from behind the bush. Individually. And then putting them into the trash bag.

When I inquired of his odd behavior, he replied, "I tried it with the rake. But it wasn't getting them all."

Okay. Fair enough. I guess.

I then grabbed the rake, stuck it behind the little bush, and pulled out the entire pile of leaves in one action.

With a look of complete surprise and confusion at the same time, he then said, "Oh! That's how you get them?"

I don't want to know how he had used the rake before I got out there...


Ticey said...

You crack me up! You must write the book!!!

Heather and James said...

Ok, I am laughing now!