Sunday, December 14, 2008

to see...or not to see?

So I was originally considering getting contacts next month when I go for my annual vision appointment, so that I could see everyone at the wedding...but I've never worn contacts, and I was getting nervous about doing that, so I came up with another idea...why not just wear really pretty sparkly glasses at the reception so that I know who everyone is that is coming up and talking to me?? I'd like some like the ones above (these are bit pricey!) so I'm gonna keep looking, but what does everyone think??

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Dawson's Mommy said...

Either way would look good. I just got contacts a few years ago. I had been wearing glasses since middle school but it seemed like I was needing to wear them more and more often. I LOVE having contacts. I keep glasses around too for days that I don't want to wear my contacts.