Thursday, January 29, 2009

Toasty toes and a lazy kitty...

I thought I'd share something sweet about David instead of his lapses with common sense...with the cold weather came really cold floors in our house since we have wood floors, and it's old and I have a crawl space underneath that just doesn't help with keeping the floors warm (I'm seriously considering carpeting over the wood floors...they are SO cold!) And after much complaining on my part, David got me a pair of Pillowalks! I haven't had a pair since college, and I forgot how comfy they are! And now my feet aren't cold anymore when I get out of bed in the morning...

And every morning, because David is the last one up, he makes the bed...but he had a little bit of difficulty yesterday, as someone was not quite ready to get up for the day...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So we are on day three of being iced in. And David's not dead (yet) so that's a good sign.

He fell asleep with the space heater on in the den, and didn't turn it off when he went to bed, so he's lucky I didn't take that heater and toss it in the street...I have told him and told him to turn the thing off when we're not using it, but he repeatedly walks past the full blast heat blowing 2 1/2 foot tall rotating machine...and fails to turn it off. And so it runs all night. Warming the empty den.

This whole not going to work nor leaving the house thing and not having anything to do but watch tv, clean and play on facebook I'm assuming will be my personal hell. And there will probably be some useless space heater on somewhere too...

Monday, January 26, 2009

David's Ring

I ordered David's ring this weekend from Mitchener and Farrand in Oklahoma City--they are friends of my mom's, and I pretty much have to buy all jewelry from them (hey, they said they would "take care of me" we'll see how much is knocked off...!), and I am super excited about this ring! Hope David is too :)

They are also going to make a band that matches the detail on the side of my ring, so it'll be one of a kind!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bifold Doors...and a missing tape measure.

I bought my house on October 30, 2007. The previous owners left all window treatments for me to rip down and replace, and also, they had, for some god awful reason, put plaid curtains up in the den where closet doors should be instead. I've been attempting to get these doors ordered and put up for over a year now...

We ordered the doors from Lowe's at the beginning of November. They seriously did not get in until right before Christmas. They've been hanging out in the den, next to the closet, ever since.

David decided on Monday that it was time he put those doors up. Probably tired of me nagging about it ("when are you gonna put the doors up?" or "this room will look so complete once those doors are up" or "seriously, quit playing Rockband and put the damn doors up!")

He spent a large portion of the day installing these doors.

He was quite proud of himself once they were up, and I could paint them and put the new door pulls on.

Then I noticed something.

It appeared to be sticking out from inside the closet, just underneath one of the doors.

I looked closer.

And realized, it was my tape measure, used to prop the door up off the floor an inch or so.

I asked David about it.

"Yeah, I um, hammered this plastic thing in too far, and it wouldn't adjust right. So I used the tape measure to get it to fit."

Oh, okay. That makes sense.


And now I have to go and buy a new tape measure.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So as most of you may not know, David has started his very first semester at OSU...he's already got a degree in finance from OU (that little fact may be key to what I'm about to tell here...), but with the economy and job market the way it currently is, he's decided to go back and get an engineering degree.

Classes started last Monday, and while he's been anxiously awaiting his return to academia, it was a little hectic and overwhelming for him.

Taking 16 hours in a semester may be difficult for anyone, but especially for someone who hasn't been to school since 2002. So much so that perhaps, he even forgot how to read a schedule...

I noticed on his schedule that he had a 9am class in my own building, and knowing what I know of OSU schedules, just the time alone let me know what days this class was meeting...Tuesdays and Thursdays. He attended the class for the first time last Thursday.

Last night, I asked him "when's your earliest class again tomorrow?" And he answered with "2:30." Something seemed odd to me at that point, but it was late, I was tired, and I forgot about it.

I just received a frantic phone call from David. "In terms of class schedules, what does TR mean?", he asked.


"Oh shit."

Out of three class periods thus far, David has only attended one of those classes...

And because I too have a degree from OU, I know that they do it the same way there. Nothing tricky about it here in Stillwater.

He just keeps giving me material to write about...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Laundry Basket...M.I.A.

Does anyone know where I can find a bright colored laundry basket? Something, maybe in an orange or flourescent yellow? David seems to be having a hard time finding it to put his dirty clothes in. They are winding up in various places, while he is apparently looking for the laundry basket, but he must tire himself out, and the clothes end up wherever. Sometimes, SO close to the laundry basket, I can't imagine him not seeing it at all.

So maybe I need one with a lit up arrow, pointing directly to it, so he can find it in the future.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

How did he live this long without me??

On Monday, I dropped off a ton of clothes to the dry cleaners. Mainly David's shirts and suits. But the point here being, that I dropped them off.

He went to pick them up this afternoon. I got a very angry text from him saying that the cleaners couldn't find his clothes. So I called him to ask what was going on, and maybe they could do a search for the clothes using my work number.

He got all confused on why they would need my work number to look for the clothes.

I told him, "Cause I usually give them that number instead of my cell phone number when I drop the clothes off."

"Oh", he says.

And then I realize what he's done.

"Did you give them your name or my name when you got there?" (meanwhile, the owner is pulling everything out to see if it's his...)

"Mine," he says.

Why would I, when dropping off the clothes on Monday, give them HIS name instead of my own?? At the time, I wasn't sure if I or he would be picking them up, so doesn't it make sense that the person who drops it off would leave their own name??


Seriously though, how do these guys live as long as they do before they find us??

Labels and Tutus

I'm still working out lots of details with this wedding (will it ever END??), and I've been working on gifts for the bridal party this week, and I'm playing with the idea of water bottle labels for the wedding now...not sure if it's needed, but there's a Phi Mu senior whose dad can print the labels for me (dirt cheap too), so I'm considering it just for that reason alone! So here's what I've got for the design so far:

Not sure if I'll do it for the whole wedding yet or not, but if I like them, I just might! (btw, the song lyrics are from Wicked's "For Good"--I LOVE the lyrics from that song, and I thought they were quite appropriate...)

I've also ordered a hot pink tutu for Rhianna, and I'm a little bit jealous now, cause I want one too...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stamped Out

So I'm a little obsessed with making stamps for this wedding...and now I'm trying to figure out which ones to order for the invitations. Which ones?

Monday, January 12, 2009


The shoes I'm gonna wear!! Aren't they cute?? I'm only going to have them on for the ceremony cause I have some hot pink flip flops for the reception. I wish I could wear them now...sigh...

Friday, January 9, 2009


So you know how David has problems putting dishes away in the correct places, especially the strainer?

I found it last night with the plates.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Flower girl decisions are SO difficult to make...

I found this dress today at Dillard's for Rhianna, and I like that it's not too fancy, she can wear it again, and it has the wedding colors in it. It's also not too bad of a price (flower girl dresses are EXPENSIVE...geez!) But I wanted to know what you all thought about it.
Also, she'd be carrying a black basket with hot pink rose petals.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner

Due to my classes starting back up next week and a new boss at work, I have to get some wedding details done this week. We went ahead and booked Mexico Joe's for the rehearsal dinner, and I spent a majority of yesterday afternoon working on the invitations (in case you haven't figured this out yet, but I like to do any of the design work myself!) And apparently, I like to misspell words...ignore how I spelled "rehearsal"... and thanks Booty!

And I'm currently working on the song list for the dj, so if there's anything you HAVE to dance to, let me know!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Adding to the list..

A continuation of things I'm learning by living with David:

1. Apparently, video games never get old. I left the house one day around 11am to run some errands. When I left, he was just starting to play some car game on the Wii. I returned at 3:30pm. He was still playing it. Seriously?? These never get tiring? But I shall take Heather's advice and not fight the video game battle...he thinks I'm weird cause I read books, so I guess we're even...

2. No matter how many times I tell him where things go in the kitchen, he will inevitably put stuff in the wrong place each time he unloads the dishwasher. It took me 20 minutes one day to locate the strainer, which had been placed under the sink...(?)

3. He will sacrifice his own comfort for the cats' comfort. If Tatumbell wants to sleep on his head, so be it.

4. We have to use a space heater in the den due to no vents in the room and it gets awfully chilly. It's supposed to oscillate and I've been putting it on the step coming into the room so it will distribute heat evenly. If I don't keep an eye on it, David will strategically move the heater closer to him, turn off the oscillation so that it's blowing heat directly on him, and eventually, I'm freezing when I figure this out. I want to beat him with a stick when he does this...

5. Prior to leaving for Angela's shower last weekend, I asked David to change the lightbulb on the front porch since we would be gone for a few days to Houston, and I didn't want the house to be dark...and I knew immediately I should've done this task myself when I realized it was taking him quite a long time to, what I thought anyway, unscrew the four screws on the top of the fixture to take off the lid and easily replace the bulb; however, I soon found out, he had unscrewed the 14 screws from the bottom of the fixture, had the entire thing fall apart in his hands, tiny screws are lost on the front porch, glass panes have been completely dismantled...buuuuut the light bulb got changed, so he figured I couldn't get mad at him. And he said he'd put it back together. Yet the pieces are still all on the kitchen table downstairs, he's watching the Cotton Bowl game, and it's been almost a week...sigh...