Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bifold Doors...and a missing tape measure.

I bought my house on October 30, 2007. The previous owners left all window treatments for me to rip down and replace, and also, they had, for some god awful reason, put plaid curtains up in the den where closet doors should be instead. I've been attempting to get these doors ordered and put up for over a year now...

We ordered the doors from Lowe's at the beginning of November. They seriously did not get in until right before Christmas. They've been hanging out in the den, next to the closet, ever since.

David decided on Monday that it was time he put those doors up. Probably tired of me nagging about it ("when are you gonna put the doors up?" or "this room will look so complete once those doors are up" or "seriously, quit playing Rockband and put the damn doors up!")

He spent a large portion of the day installing these doors.

He was quite proud of himself once they were up, and I could paint them and put the new door pulls on.

Then I noticed something.

It appeared to be sticking out from inside the closet, just underneath one of the doors.

I looked closer.

And realized, it was my tape measure, used to prop the door up off the floor an inch or so.

I asked David about it.

"Yeah, I um, hammered this plastic thing in too far, and it wouldn't adjust right. So I used the tape measure to get it to fit."

Oh, okay. That makes sense.


And now I have to go and buy a new tape measure.

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