Thursday, January 15, 2009

Labels and Tutus

I'm still working out lots of details with this wedding (will it ever END??), and I've been working on gifts for the bridal party this week, and I'm playing with the idea of water bottle labels for the wedding now...not sure if it's needed, but there's a Phi Mu senior whose dad can print the labels for me (dirt cheap too), so I'm considering it just for that reason alone! So here's what I've got for the design so far:

Not sure if I'll do it for the whole wedding yet or not, but if I like them, I just might! (btw, the song lyrics are from Wicked's "For Good"--I LOVE the lyrics from that song, and I thought they were quite appropriate...)

I've also ordered a hot pink tutu for Rhianna, and I'm a little bit jealous now, cause I want one too...

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Melissa said...

That tutu is ADORABLE!!! Love it!