Monday, March 30, 2009

I did it, I did it!!

So I did it...I pulled off the big surprise...!

We celebrated David's 30th birthday on Friday with an OU theme (ick, I know), and despite the "blizzard" of the century about to hit all of Oklahoma (yeah, that 1/4 inch of snow was unbearable...) everyone made it, and we pulled it off beautifully!

Matt, David's brother, brought his sister and mom to my office on campus, then went and picked David up at the house to "go get a beer and talk" (Matt recently broke up with his long term girlfriend), and I met a former student of mine at my office too to get the OU cake she made for the party. We then all went back to the house and decorated and waited on the rest of the guests. The OU game started at 6:30, and at about 6:45 we were Matt brought him back to the house, and surprise! Apparently, he wasn't tipped off about it until he saw my mom's car parked down the street, but by this point, I consider it a success!

And with everyone in red and cheering on the Sooners (hey we do what we need to for those we love, right??) to an elite 8 appearance, David now considers that night "the greatest night EVER".

So needless to say, I am now looking forward to my own 30th birthday. :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


A new list of things I just don't understand about this boy I'm living with...

1. When he makes the bed in the morning (I know, I should just be thankful for that...) he ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS makes it so that the bedspread is too high on one side and then the box spring is exposed...why does this not irritate him so much that he fixes it? Or at least, why does he not realize that it irritates me so much that he fixes it?

2. Sometimes, the dishwasher is running. When that occurs, and you dirty a dish, it is placed in the sink to await its turn in the dishwasher. Why then, after I've emptied the dishwasher, he saw me do it (I quit letting him put things away...I like to know where they go...), he still leaves the cheese hardened plate in the sink? Sometimes only mere minutes have passed since I emptied the dishwasher, but yet that lone plate is still sitting in the sink...

3. How come he can't smell the litter box and that it needs to be cleaned out? (that's been determined as one of the "boy chores"...along with the taking out of the trash...which he forgets about once a week...)

4. How can he sleep past 7:30am on a Saturday?? Sometimes, until noon!

5. I still don't get this fascination with video games. I haven't played the Wii since Christmas break, but I notice sometimes, when I get home from work or class, in the carpet in the den, the unmistakable imprints of the Rockband drum set...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Nacho Shirt

Last week, I went to D.C. to visit one of my most favorite people in the world, Krissy Ronan...

While there, I visited Georgetown. I needed to get something to bring back to both my mom and David, and I thought buying them each a Georgetown t-shirt would be a good souvenir. I bought myself one as well. So three Georgetown shirts, one small, one medium and one large.

I brought them back last week, and I handed David his gray shirt, which he immediately wore the next day. I placed my mom's, folded, on the dresser in the spare bedroom.

While watching tv last night, I notice that David's navy blue Georgetown t-shirt he is wearing is a little snug on him.

Then I realized why.

He was wearing the shirt for my mom. It's a medium. His is a large.

I asked him, "Where'd you get that shirt? The dresser in the spare bedroom?"


"That's my mom's."

" is a little tight," he says.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Laundry Basket Blues

What the above picture is: dirty clothes placed NEXT to the dirty clothes hamper.

What I said to David about this: "What is the deal with you not being able to put your dirty clothes in the laundry basket?"

What he said back to me about this: "Oh yeah...I forgot to put them in."

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thank you cards!

After a few rough drafts yesterday and with the unsolicited opinions of my students, this is what I've settled on for the thank you cards! I wanted to keep the similar theme from the save the dates, so I used the same font and circles and even the same hot pink color. Thanks for your suggestions on which pictures to use!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thank you kitties...

So I need some assistance, friends...
Since I started this whole wedding thing with the kitties on the save the dates, I thought I'd end it with them on the thank you cards.
So last night, I took some pictures. Tatumbell in a pink bow tie (the actual bow ties for ring bearers, Gus and Carson...hope neither are allergic to cats!) and Allie in a "veil"--which was really just the lace from an old baby doll bed I have in the closet.
I need help deciding which pictures to use. I can place them anyway I want in Photoshop, so I just need to know which ones you guys think looks the best!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shhhh...birthday surprise!

Okay, so I can't help it...I HAVE to tell everyone what I'm doing for David's birthday!

He has some friends that live in NYC, and one in particular, Kyle Higgs, has been bugging David for years to come for a visit.

So I'm sending him to New York for a weekend in May.

His birthday is March 30th, but on the 27th, I'm having a small gathering at the house with pizza and beer and an OU cake being made by a former ad rep of mine. I'm actually considering decorating in all OU stuff...ick...and then we'll play Rockband on the Wii for the rest of the night...

but then Kyle is going to text him at some point and tell him that he got him Yankees tickets for May 16 for his birthday.

And then I'll let that bug him for a few minutes. Mainly cause he just won't be expecting me to pull out a plane ticket for New York...

Good thing I am so organized

So the printer my friend is using for my invitations is closing its she has to reorder my paper to be able to run it through her own printer...this is for all those making fun of me for ordering them six months in advance! You never know what could happen, and now with the delay, I won't get them until probably the middle of April!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No Celine...

MUCH thanks to Matty for his numerous suggestions for David's mother/son dance song...and David's chosen James Taylor's "Something in the way she moves" as Connie (his mom) apparently loves James Taylor anyway, so thank you for the help, Matty! (he pretty much told me no Celine Dion or Peter Cetera...but a Karate Kid theme wedding would be acceptable to him, so I'll still throw my "Glory of Love" in somewhere...)