Monday, March 30, 2009

I did it, I did it!!

So I did it...I pulled off the big surprise...!

We celebrated David's 30th birthday on Friday with an OU theme (ick, I know), and despite the "blizzard" of the century about to hit all of Oklahoma (yeah, that 1/4 inch of snow was unbearable...) everyone made it, and we pulled it off beautifully!

Matt, David's brother, brought his sister and mom to my office on campus, then went and picked David up at the house to "go get a beer and talk" (Matt recently broke up with his long term girlfriend), and I met a former student of mine at my office too to get the OU cake she made for the party. We then all went back to the house and decorated and waited on the rest of the guests. The OU game started at 6:30, and at about 6:45 we were Matt brought him back to the house, and surprise! Apparently, he wasn't tipped off about it until he saw my mom's car parked down the street, but by this point, I consider it a success!

And with everyone in red and cheering on the Sooners (hey we do what we need to for those we love, right??) to an elite 8 appearance, David now considers that night "the greatest night EVER".

So needless to say, I am now looking forward to my own 30th birthday. :)

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Matthew and Emily Clothier said...

Good job, Kelsey! Big sacrifices!