Monday, March 23, 2009

Nacho Shirt

Last week, I went to D.C. to visit one of my most favorite people in the world, Krissy Ronan...

While there, I visited Georgetown. I needed to get something to bring back to both my mom and David, and I thought buying them each a Georgetown t-shirt would be a good souvenir. I bought myself one as well. So three Georgetown shirts, one small, one medium and one large.

I brought them back last week, and I handed David his gray shirt, which he immediately wore the next day. I placed my mom's, folded, on the dresser in the spare bedroom.

While watching tv last night, I notice that David's navy blue Georgetown t-shirt he is wearing is a little snug on him.

Then I realized why.

He was wearing the shirt for my mom. It's a medium. His is a large.

I asked him, "Where'd you get that shirt? The dresser in the spare bedroom?"


"That's my mom's."

" is a little tight," he says.

1 comment:

Krissy said...

I made your blog!! Woo hoo!

Does David ever notice details?