Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Being Right.

We've divided up chores in the house.

I'm responsible for the basic house cleaning, cooking, and car maintenance (I care more about clean cars than David dad's a retired auto detailer, so guess where I got that...). David is responsible for the taking out of the trash, laundry and yard work. He prefers to do the laundry because I have a habit of leaving clothes in the dryer all week and just taking out later what I need. I sometimes would leave stuff in the washer for days and then have to re-wash them due to a moldy smell...he actually told me that I "can't do" laundry, so he does it.

The trash is picked up on Tuesdays and Fridays. Sometimes, I have to remind (yell at) him that trash needs to be put out, but then once I do that, the garbage guys come and it's too late.

I reminded him this morning that it needs to be put out.

But it's Wednesday.

He was quick to point out that I was wrong.

"I'm going to savor this feeling..." he said.

This conversation was occurring while I was standing in front of my closet looking for my white hoodie to wear to work.

"Where's my white hoodie?" I asked him.

Still in bed, savoring the moment of being right just a few minutes earlier, rolls over and tells me "in the laundry."

"Dry and ready to go in the dryer? Or still wet in the washing machine?"

Whites were still in the washer.

"Still savoring that feeling of being right there buddy?" I asked.

"Yeah that was short lived, huh?" he replied.


The West Family said...

That's hilarious. You guys are too funny.

Heather and James said...

REALLY funny!