Friday, April 10, 2009

A friggin' freight train

What is it with men and snoring???

I don't think I've had a full night's sleep in three years. David has tried numerous things to stop snoring: the breathe right strips, numbing spray, my elbow in his side...

But it's now to the point where I wear ear plugs to bed.

I don't mind so much, it's really okay.

Except when he's snoring so loud I can hear him despite the ear plugs.

And when I tell him to roll over, he doesn't cause he's so asleep, he doesn't hear me.

So I hit him. Repeatedly.


I even yelled. Tatumbell woke up at this point (he sleeps just as hard and snores almost as loud...) so I know I was at least effective in waking someone else up.

It was 1:35 am. I had had enough and decided to leave the pillowtop, barely a year old mattress to go and sleep in the spare bedroom with the mattress I had in college.

With the ear plugs in still cause pretty sure I could hear that freight train down the hall.

This morning, this conversation occurred:
David: "Was I snoring last night or something?"
Me: "No, I just decided to sleep on the more uncomfortable bed. Why do you ask?"
David, while gingerly rubbing his shoulder: "Cause I have this unexplainable bruise right here..."

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