Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One Big Burger

David has become quite the grill master.

We have had the new grill since Christmas (thanks, Mom!), but he wasn't allowed to use it until he bought a cover for it. I knew I would wind up cleaning it when it got all gross from being outside, without a cover.

So he bought a cover.

And has been grilling now for a week.

The first night, chicken. Simple enough. He asks me, "how long do you cook chicken?"

I answered, "until it's done."

I told him it needed to be white all the way through. That's when you know it's done.

So an hour after being on the grill, he decides that it's done.

We tried chicken again the next night. I made him take it off after about 35 minutes.

It was MUCH better this time.

So then he decided to try hamburgers.

He went to the store to get everything. And came home with 4.2 pounds of ground beef.

For two of us.

I guess the look of "what in the hell were you thinking" on my face tipped him off to the fact that he had indeed bought too much meat.

When I asked what in the hell he was thinking, he replied "I thought you used one pound of meat per hamburger patty."


The Mills Gang said...

That is absolutely hilarious!!!

Krissy said...

Really? Has he ever heard of a quarter pounder?

Matthew and Emily Clothier said...

too funny!!!!

The Bryans' said...

David must be thinking along the same lines as me. I have been wanting nothing but a giant hamburger lately--maybe he can fix me a one-pounder when we are there.