Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Things we enjoy...

• watching stupid videos on youtube. And by "stupid" I mean Backstreet Boys videos from 1999...just to prove that I do in fact know "I want it that way" by heart.

• watching Justin Timberlake on SNL on Hulu.com and claiming the man a comedic genius. Or at least just really funny.

• working in the yard together.

• going on walks throughout the neighborhood and make fun of people's yards--if you've been to Stillwater ever, you know that this can be quite entertaining with the college kids and their idea of a what makes appropriate lawn furniture...).

• trying new sushi rolls at Nagoya...well, I try them, and he says "groooooossss" with whatever I have.

• talking to Tatumbell, the kitty, and making up stories about what he's saying. For example, a simple "mew" could mean several things: "Where have you guys been all day?" to "Hey, I wouldn't mind a beer either" to "quiero ir afuera"--hey, we don't know if he's speaking spanish or english.

• thinking up kids' names. Sometimes really ridiculous ones. All I'm gonna say is: Brass Nuckolls.

• While having a perfectly usable, and beautifully set dining room table, we eat on the floor in the den. And prefer it.

• Telling anyone from out of state that we're "gonna take you guys to Eischen's!"

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The West Family said...

We didn't use out dining room table for 5 years....and I love Eischen's!!