Tuesday, June 2, 2009


David has been working with our friend Wes, the personal trainer, on a "diet"...I know, sounds funny, but it's more of just a healthier way of eating than what he's used to and what I've been trying to get him to do for years now.

Wes sent the plan over and after printing it off and going over it, went to the store to get some of the stuff on there, such as, almonds, brown rice, and egg whites.

Egg whites, you say?

You don't already have eggs in the fridge that you could just separate and use the egg white?

Oh, yes, we have eggs already. But we needed to buy this:

I'm afraid of how many eggs would be lost in the process of David learning how to separate them...

So I tried the egg whites yesterday morning...not bad.

He asks me this last night: "So you just pour some of the egg whites in a skillet, right? And heat it up and stir like scrambled eggs?"

Yes, I answered.

"And I'll know they are done when they turn yellow, right?"


"When the scrambled eggs turn yellow, they are done, right?"

Ah geez.

I didn't say anything right away.

Just let him try and figure this one out on his own.


Krissy said...

Egg yolks are confusing.

Ticey said...

ahh, i love these posts!!!!