Monday, June 22, 2009

Letter from Matt

I received an email from brother, stationed in Afghanistan, this morning, and I thought I'd share just how friggin' sweet he can be:

Hey sis, I really wish I could be there tuh. I guess I only have enough Irish luck to make one sister’s wedding. I’m sure you will look very beautiful. Know that I will be thinking about you, and David. I really wish I could be there for one reason. To see dad as he attempts to do the father/daughter dance. At least after this one he shouldn’t have to worry about doing any more.

I am pretty sure I am moving tomorrow so there might be a big lag to when I can write to you again.

I love you very very much, I wish you the best of luck at the wedding. And when you think you are going to freak out, just look in the mirror and say “HIGH FIVE!!!”

Then you will know I’m there.

Love you seester

I printed it off to somehow put it in my bouquet.

Oh, and he didn't misspell "too" joke :)

And the "high five" part is from Borat...the boy can impersonate just about anyone, and he pretty much nails Borat. I make him do that all the time.

I miss the hell out of him, and I'm super sad he can't be there this weekend.

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