Thursday, June 11, 2009

Menu Cards

So I had some left over pink paper from the programs, and I thought I would make some menu cards for the tables with it. I ordered some black easels for the tables, made 44 of these cards, and waited on the easels to see what it would look like.

They came in on Saturday morning.

And when I put the card on one, it fell over.


Well, this isn't going to work.

But I didn't just waste my time making these things, so what's another option?

I have 22 tables, with 8 places at each table. Which makes for 176 seated spots.

I'll just make 176 of them then. Put one on each napkin at each space.

But I don't have anymore of this awesome pink paper.

So orange then? Okay.

But it wound up being overwhelmed with orange, and not enough pink.

Jenny mentioned having a bright green in the centerpieces...

So I have hot pink, orange, and bright green menu cards...

And I have 93 made so far...only 83 more to go!

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