Monday, June 29, 2009

Mrs. Nuckolls!

Well, it's over!! I am now officially (well, once I change it with social security services...) Kelsey Johnston Nuckolls...

I really want to thank everyone that made our wedding day so amazing. Everything went smoothly and just about perfectly, and I could not have had a more fun time.

My cousin Mikey and his wife, Jenny and their daughter Abby really did an amazing job on the flowers, centerpieces and helping with making sure things were taken care of. I could not thank them more.

Krissy came in to town on Thursday and was the most helpful with getting things to the reception site, setting it all up, making sure the dj would play the weekend theme song "Man in the Mirror", picking up bridesmaids from the salon, and just in general keeping me from freaking out. I am so appreciative of your help, Krissy, and I'm not sure I can ever thank you enough.

To our soloist, Heather Hughes, for literally giving me goose bumps the moment you started to sing.

The Golden Girls, Danette, Melinda and Mary for getting everything to the church, not smoking while my dress was in the car and making sure David didn't get sunburnt while you guys were at the pool. And for comedic value of Melinda's attempt to do the moonwalk...keep working on that. :)

The Phi Mu pledge class representatives from of the many benefits of being involved with the collegiate chapter long after I graduated is making friends with those younger (and in some cases, MUCH younger...) sorority sisters. And for those I've known since my own bid day in 1997, I thank you for still being a good enough friend to scream the lyrics to "Alabama" (four times) or dance like Stevie Nicks. You all made the party.

My bridesmaids were beautiful...I so appreciate all you did for me, and helping make my wedding day the absolute best.

To Laura and Becky for letting me borrow your sons to be ring bearers.

To Laura Powell, maid of honor, for being one of my most favorite and fun friends. I'm so thankful for your friendship.

To Missy, for being one of my oldest and dearest friends. Your presence alone makes me happy :) Oh, and for Brian for being an usher.

And also to Becky, for one of the most heartfelt toasts I've ever heard, for standing next to me, and for being the absolute best friend I could have ever asked for.

To my new family, I'm so lucky to have you all as in-laws. I could not have prayed for a better addition to my life (other than of course, my new husband!).

To the company that made such a great cut out of my brother, I doubt I could ever be more appreciative. The first one didn't turn out great, so they redid for free. This allowed my baby brother to be in family pictures, and something I could not have wanted more. He also appeared to have such a great time at the reception :)

My own did really well, stayed up later than I thought he would, only got a little teary eyed (I blubber when he cries, so it's a very good thing he didn't!), and made it through our dance without getting tired (he's on oxygen and he was worried he would not make it through the song). Thank you Kathy for driving us around so that we could drink, Elizabeth for crying during Journey's "Faithfully", and my matron of honor seeeeester, Kristin, for despite being 9 weeks pregnant and tired, stayed late at the reception (and thank you also for Zach being an usher). To my mom for not crying, for patting my back gently every time we took a picture together, and for obviously having a great time at the reception. I love you all very much.

And to my new husband...I was so sure David would be crying and all blotchy, but he was so calm and laid back, it calmed me down like no one had really been able to do prior to the ceremony. I am seriously the luckiest woman in the world to marry the most sincere, most patient, funniest, and attentive man on the planet...who would have thought I apparently met my husband when we were 12...!

I'll post some pics when I get back to work next week (my Mac is a much friendlier computer to me than this Dell...).

Thank you again!
Mrs. Nuckolls


The Mills Gang said...

I had such a wonderful time at your wedding! You were beautiful! It was fun and had "Kelsey" written all over it! Loved it Little!! :)

Aislinn and Dustin said...

Congrats Mrs. Nuckolls! I saw a few pics on fb and you looked beautiful! This post was so sweet it nearly brought tears to my deserve all the happiness in the world!!! xx

The Rust Family said...

We had so much fun at your wedding, I loved every part of it from the cookies and cream cake to the pink bowties, the cardboard cutout and the adorable bride... all of us old chicks were in desparete need of a night of fun. THANK YOU!!!

Ticey said...

Congratulations!! I can't wait to see pics!

The West Family said...

Congratulations to you both! I wish we could have been there. Emily told me all about it and said it was beautiful. Best wishes to you and David.
P.S. I just sent your gift off today. Sorry it's a little late. :-(