Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The reception room

So I am back to discussing the wedding plans...only 24 days away now! My dj, Chasen Shaw, had these pictures from a recent wedding at the WWC, and I realized they did the same tablecloths we are doing, so I am glad I get to see what it will most likely look like. I was also having a terrible time deciding if chair covers and pink satin bows are really necessary, or if I could just save myself the money, and I was pleased to see that this couple didn't use covers/bows too, so this is essentially what it will look like.

Not using just candles as the centerpieces, and I'm unsure how this room is laid out, but you guys get the idea...

I really like the lights going up the pillars, so I'll make sure Chasen does that too.

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