Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shipped Out

David never ceases to amaze me.

He has an uncanny ability of appearing to hear what I say, regardless of how many times I say it, and from that hearing, appears to understand what I am saying.

I fall for it every time.

For weeks now, I have been asking (nagging) him to purchase his groomsmen gifts.

We already knew what he was getting, just haven't bought them.

I asked (nagged) him last Thursday:
me: will you order those gifts today?
David: yes.

So from that conversation you would think he ordered the gifts on Thursday, right?

I returned from my trip to the lake on Sunday and inquired about the ordering of these gifts.

Pretty sure he turned a funny shade of red and muttered "uh, no, I haven't done that yet."

I had to remind him that this wedding is now less than two weeks away.

So he finally ordered them on Monday (yesterday).

He calls me to tell me ordered them--like he's all proud of himself for doing something "on his own"...

Uh, right.

So I asked him, how long will it take for them to get here?

5 to 7 days.

I asked him, does that include shipping?

That is shipping, he says.

I asked him, so it said "5 to 7 days" but then you had to select a shipping method at the end of it, didn't you?


And how long did the shipping method say it would take?

3-5 days, he says. He thinks...

So all in all it could take more than two weeks for these gifts to get here, correct? I asked him.

I guess so, he says.

Don't you think you should call them and change the shipping method?


Never ceases to amaze me...

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