Monday, July 13, 2009


David has a Calculus test this morning at 10:00.

He set his alarm for 6am so that he would get up and study some more.

This alarm went off probably 15 times. I could hear it all the way upstairs while I was getting ready for work.

Finally, I went downstairs to the bedroom and asked if he planned on getting up. It was then 7:00.

Yes, gah, he replied. "I'm getting up now."


At 7:25, I noticed he was still in bed. And the alarm had gone off another 4 times.

"Are you still wanting to get up and study?"

"I'm up, I'm up." Said without moving an inch.

7:45 then rolls around...

and guess who is still laying in bed. Shutting off his alarm every five minutes still.

I said, "So I don't want to start nagging, but..."

To which I didn't finish my sentence cause he said "Start??"

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Matthew and Emily Clothier said...

The alarm is my most bitter enemy. It should be illegal for that sound to be used in movies, commericals, or any other medium.

- Matty