Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just a few things...

So as of yesterday, I've been married one whole month...! Sometimes, it doesn't seem like it's been just a month, but some days, it feels like years... :)

After being a newlywed for a month, I've been asked countless times "how's married life" so I figured I would share what I've learned about being married such a short time...

1. It is really difficult for David to close closet doors when he's done with it.
2. He would rather sleep in the spare bedroom than move Tatumbell if he's in his spot in the bed.
3. He grins every time he says "wife."
4. I've almost convinced him to get a pedicure. Not sure how much longer it will take for that happen though.
5. When he's not studying, he's playing Punch Out on the Wii. Apparently, this is the most amazing, time-consuming game on the planet as it is played probably 4 hours a day at our house.
6. David loves to play with kids. Our friends Kim and Paul have a 2 1/2 year old, Ethan, and they are perfect play mates. Ethan gets mad at me if I show up at their house without David.
7. He still doesn't move my car seat back to my position if he drives my car.

But all in all, a very good month :) Now on to month 2!

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The Mills Gang said...

Oh, he's going to be a good father! :)