Monday, August 31, 2009

90 Degrees

So this home improvement project has taken it's toll on our common sense.

Well, David's anyway.

We came to the conclusion, late Friday afternoon, that the baseboards in the den needed to be removed.

And new ones would be bought.

But with this revelation came the need for a miter box/saw to cut the corner/angles to make them fit right.

My dad gave us his saw, and I thought that this would be a pretty simple project actually.

Until I caught David, in the den, in one of the corners, with all these engineering rulers, a calculator and a pencil.

"Ummmm, whatcha doin'?" I asked, knowing full well what he was doing I just wanted to hear him say it aloud.

"Measuring the corners so we know what angle they need to be cut at."


He apparently didn't notice that each corner of the room, of any room for that matter, was actually a 90 degree angle.

And 1/2 of that would be 45 degrees, and this is what they would need to be cut to.

But he wanted to go about the really ridiculously hard way of figuring out "exactly what the corner angles are" by measuring them.

Ahhh it was quite fun pointing this one out to him.

To which he sagged his shoulders, dropped the ruler, sighed and said, "This is going on the blog this week, isn't it?"

Apparently, not ALL common sense has been lost. :)

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The Mills Gang said...

This just made my day! :)