Monday, August 10, 2009

Recruitment 2009

Well, recruitment is finally over...! Here's some pics from it!

The whole chapter...and the seniors are down front in the hot pink shirts...yes, we have that many seniors!!

This is me and Rebecca...she's my husband's sister's husband's sister...did that make sense?? I met her a year ago and thought she was pretty great then, so to get her in Phi Mu land is pretty special to me :)

All the new ones! Quota 49...we got 51!

Here they come!

The sophomores with their signs for their bid day buddies

One of the rooms decorated for house tour day


The Mills Gang said...

That is awesome! Makes me really miss it! But boy, we have come a long way!!!

The Buxton's said...

Finally the updated I spent all weekend looking for;) Great job leading the girls through another successful recruitment Kelsey!

Matthew and Emily Clothier said...

OMG! We have come a long way! And I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be there, Kelsey, if it weren't for you! Good job lovely lady!

The Rust Family said...

Wow Kels, kuddos to you for being such an awesome alumnae. The Seniors??? There are like a million of them, wow!