Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I just realized (again) the other day how lucky I really am.

Regardless of the stupid shit he sometimes says and does, I married a pretty amazing man.

And here's some evidence of this:

1. I have class on Tuesdays and after being at work all day and going to class for three hours, the absolute last thing I want to do when I come home is clean up the dirty dishes still in the sink from Sunday, empty the clean dishes from the dishwasher and then refill it with all those dirty ones in the sink. I was not looking forward to this chore. And it didn't matter cause it was done when I got home.

2. I have not cleaned out the litter box. In probably a year and a half now.

3. When I sit down on the couch, if he's already watching something on the t.v., he hands me the remote for me to choose what we watch instead. (I rarely do though...I don't mind his "Man vs. Food" or "Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations" shows he watches).

4. He makes the bed every single day.

5. If you didn't already know, David is an OU fan (actually graduated from OU, so he's not one of THOSE fans...), yet he wears orange to every single home OSU game with me.

6. Just for fun we have already chosen baby names, one for each gender. And then realized they were our NASCAR drivers' names...(Elliot and Kasey).

7. He thinks I'm a better cook than his mother...(shhh, don't tell Connie that!)

8. He knows that Allie and Tatumbell actually run our household, not us.

9. He loved that my friends' kids called him "Uncle David", but now that he's really going to be an uncle, he's ecstatic, and doesn't mind that I keep buying the new babies stuff...

10. I get random text messages reminding me how much he loves me.

A collective awwwww here would be appreciated :)


The West Family said...

That is super sweet. :-) What a great guy.

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Wish blogger had a "like" choice!! :)