Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Maps and Maps and Maps...

My husband is obsessed with maps.

and Atlases.

and more maps.

He has this one Atlas at home, in the den, which must be looked at every single day.

And this damn Atlas must always be within arm's length. God forbid the time he can't find it.

And because of this obsession with maps and geography, he knows a few things:

1) all the counties' names in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and New York. Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas are obvious as to why he would know them the best considering he's lived in two of those states and another just borders, but New York?

2) all the little state highways in Oklahoma. Now, you might say, "but that's great! Who needs GPS when you have David with all his memorizin' of the highways?!" Ummmm, here's why, actual conversation:

D: So, to get to the new Walmart, I can take McElroy all the way to Country Club Rd, turn left to get Hwy 51, and I'm right there, right?
K: Orrrrr, you could just take 6th st. all the way to the new Walmart.
D: But...ohhhhh it's cause it's ON 6th st.

He knows the NUMBERS of state highways, just not the street names of the town in which he lives...

3) Don't argue with him about where Freedom, OK is. I myself have even been to Freedom, but he saw it in his Atlas, so he knows for sure.

So if you ever need to get David a present, now you know...maps, maps, maps...

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Matthew and Emily Clothier said...

I think my grandma went to school in Freedom! Isn't that funny!? It's tiny!