Thursday, December 3, 2009


David and I both have been awfully clumsy lately.

At work on Wednesday, I somehow managed to get a paper cut on my eyeball.

Yes, that's right. I said EYEBALL.

So I now have one dilated eye, which makes my vision a little funky. And I prefer not to know what it makes ME look like.

And last night, while getting up from the chair in the den, David dropped a glass on the tile floor.

And of course it shattered everywhere.

But the amazing thing about this, is how in the world did he manage to live as long as he did without me??

Tatumbell was sitting in my lap when he dropped the glass, so I had to hold on to him so he would not wander over and wind up stepping in some tiny piece of glass.

David jumped up and looked at what he had done.

He began to move the ottoman out of the way to get to all of the glass.

On his way to get the broom and dustpan, he decided he needed the overhead light on.

And this is the part that absolutely amazes me...

He started pulling on the chains, both of them, of the light/fan in the den.

But neither one were coming on.

"Seriously??" he said loudly. "ALL these bulbs are out?? Gaahhhhh..." (he was getting visibly frustrated at this point...)

No, ALL the bulbs were not out.

Not even one actually.

The switch on the wall needed to be turned on first.

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