Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Drain: v., drained, drain·ing, drains. v.tr. 1. To draw off (a liquid) by a gradual process

Oh look.

It's a strainer.

Most often used to drain water from pasta.

Or grease from cooked ground meat.

AFTER it's been cooked of course.

For the Cotton Bowl game (which I will not discuss further than this post...), my brother, sister in law and baby niece came over to watch it with us.

David wanted to make queso. I always put spicy sausage in it, and he wanted to do this for the game.

So I made everything I wanted out for it, and I left David to do the sausage and finish off the queso. (He requested to do this).

Before heading upstairs to finish getting ready, I said, "Don't forget, you need to drain the sausage before you put it in the rest of the cheese."

Okay, he replied. "Gah, I know what I'm doing," he muttered to himself as I walked away.

Oh do ya, buddy??

After a few minutes, I came back downstairs to the kitchen and he was cooking away on the stove (*I have another "David moment" regarding the stove in a sec...).

I also noticed the strainer in the sink.

It had bits of pink raw meat in it.

Slapping my hand to my forehead, I asked him if he had already "drained" the meat...

"Yeah, but nothing came off of it, so it's still okay, right?" he asked as I almost fell to the floor laughing.

*On a completely separate occasion, I had a pot of boiling water on the stove when David wanted to put a pizza in the oven. He asked me if "the top and bottom can work at the same time."

And this is why he's not allowed in my kitchen any longer.


Michelle said...

HILARIOUS! Love. it.

Ashley said...

Oh, Kelsey... I can only imagine how funny your house is. You always kept us laughing in high school. Cracking me up, girl....