Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Damsel in Distress

I do not know how in the world my husband lived for so long without me.

And I'm being ridiculously serious about that fact.

About once a month, I have to come to his rescue.

Normally when he calls me for help, I'm so irritated it takes me a while to get over it, so I did not often find the humor in it to blog about it.

I've turned over a new leaf.

And I have decided to find things humorous, or I will most likely go crazy with irritation.

So "hahahahahahahahaa" to my husband's helplessness...

1) He's notorious for flat tires. And he's not the most "hands on", mechanic, knows-stuff-about-cars type of guy like my dad. So we have had multiple pick him up wherever he is, drive to get a new tire episodes than I care to count. And I'm thinking it may be in the teens by now on how many times this has happened...

2) Remember the last post of leaving his backpack in his classroom? That wasn't the first time that has happened. He called me once because, gasp, he had a flat tire. So I went to pick him up at this remote engineering lab on campus, after 9pm, and by the time we got halfway home...he realized he had left his backpack in the lab, and we had to turn around and go back to get it. Only the doors were locked and no one was around...

3) which brings me to this one. David now works at his aunt and uncle's frozen yogurt shop in Stillwater, and he often closes late at night, doing all the cashing out duties in the office in the back. Last night, he calls me around 11pm to tell me that he left the office, the door shut and now it's locked. With his keys inside. So no way to get home or back into the office.

4) and my most favorites are the ones where his car runs out of gas. A couple of weeks ago, he calls me, while I'm working on my qualifying exams at home, to tell me he's run out of gas...right down the street. Shhheeeeesh.

So again, I'm unsure of how he's lived as long as he has...and I'm afraid I will add to this list shortly.


The Mills Gang said...

LOVE it! The backpack post was excellent!

Aislinn and Dustin said...

hahahahaha! i'm right there with ya. it's lots funnier when it's happening to someone else, right? dustin called me yesterday to tell me he ran into the pump at the gas station, checked out to see if there was damage on the car, which there wasn't and then left. he called to tell me the pump was severely dented and did i think he should go back...!?!?!?! ummmmmm, i think we're dealing with the same sort of animal!

oh, and what's up with all the flat tires in stillwater? are there random nails all over the roads or what???

Ashley said...

We do have to learn to embrace things like this, or all our men will drive us crazy!