Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not quite like a purse.

I left work early Monday afternoon due to a massive head cold and just in general feeling like whooey...

So that put me being at home when David got home from class.

He barrels through the front door. Tatumbell had been sitting on the chair in the front window, anxiously awaiting his dad's arrival, but with that kind of entrance...well, it sent him running to the back room where I was sitting.

Not realizing that this kind of entrance is not considered normal, I didn't say anything other than "hello."

I notice right away though that he's kind of pissy.

"I left my backpack in class. I have to go back and get it before class tonight."

What? How do you leave a backpack in class??

I asked him this.

"Well...I got in to class. Set it down. Asked the professor if we were meeting there or out at the site for the demonstration. We were, so I left. Without the backpack."

Still not really comprehending, I asked him why, if he knew he was having to drive out to the lab site, why he didn't take the backpack and then leave it in the car to make sure he had it with him...

"It's not like a purse, Kelsey, I don't have to have it on my shoulder all the time. Sheesh."

But you're driving back to campus to get it because you need it for later, right?

So maybe it IS as important as a woman's purse is to her?

"Oh. Maybe."

Maybe. Sheesh.

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Anonymous said...

HA, this post made me laugh. My fiancee always puts his keys and phone in my purse because he hates having anything is his pockets. Maybe he needs a backpack. Love your blog by the way...I'm following.