Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a happy birthday list...

Today's D's 31st birthday.

And I thought I would give him a break and not exploit his sometimes simple-mindedness for all of the blog-world to see.

And instead wish him a happy birthday by listing the things that make me love this idiot so much.

1) I'm obsessed with magnets.  LOVE them.  And I put them all over my fridge.  I have one in particular that I've had for a while, it's a lion who has magnets in all four feet so when he's on the fridge, he's kind of spread out.  He's also a little stuffed animal, so he apparently looks a bit like a cat toy.  Tatumbell thinks so anyway.  He'll jump up and grab this lion, just to pull him to the bottom of the fridge, drop him on the floor and then walk away.  He does this EVERY DAMN DAY.  I find my poor little lion magnet on the kitchen floor, halfway under the fridge.  David must have found it the other day in this same condition cause I heard him say, "That lion talking shit to you again, buddy?"

2) The kitchen sink faucet is loose.  It's the biggest slut on the block, for sure, and I have to be extremely careful not to knock it off and cause a big ol' mess thanks to it's promiscuity.  David recently got underneath the sink to tighten it, it worked, and because he is not the handiest husband in the world, was extremely proud of himself.  He kept saying, "Run up on me, Bob Villa!"

3) I know I have mentioned this before, but it is kind of a big deal...he wears orange on OSU game days. 

4) When he finds a funny video online and wants to share it with me, he'll preface it with "Okay, you'll actually think this is funny too, not just have to humor me" if he thinks I'll really like it.

5) When I returned from Virginia and wanted to catch up on all the shows backed up on my dvr, he suffered through two episodes of "Ugly Betty", one "Private Practice" and one "Grey's Anatomy" before I realized I may be forcing him to grow a vagina.

So happy birthday to the funniest, most accommodating, well-adjusted, confident, book-smart idiot on the planet.


Nuke Girl said...

Aw, cute pic! Happy birthday to your hubs! He sounds a lot like my Hubs... goofy, quirky, kinda weird and nerdy and yet somehow totally adorable. :P

Ashley said...

So funny! You crack me up, girl! Thanks for sharing!