Friday, March 26, 2010

A Thunder-ous Birthday

D's birthday is coming up next week, and I have had his present since January...I am no good at keeping secrets, and I had this big reveal planned, but I couldn't wait any longer, so I finally just told him the other night.

(I was slightly worried that I would not be able to top last year's birthday surprise, but I think I did okay...)

I got Thunder/Lakers tickets for tonight!  We have yet to go to a game, so I'm ridiculously excited! (with the Cowboys out of the tournament already, and the Sooners never having the chance to continue playing past their season, we need this basketball game...) I enjoyed the Hornets while they were in OKC, so this should be great as well.

 I also got him a brand new Thunder t-shirt to wear to the game :)

And because I know we will enjoy some (many) cold adult beverages, I went ahead and booked a room at the Courtyard in Bricktown to avoid having to stay's almost like an early birthday (or weekend) present to myself!

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