Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wanted: One Husband Whom Knows How To Clean

Recently, I went to Oklahoma City for the weekend, and after leaving my husband alone for the entire weekend, I returned home to find the house not at all in the shape I had left it. Pizza crumbs on the counter, cat puke on the couch, and dirty laundry piled on the floor next to the laundry basket...yes. Next to the laundry basket, not in it. Still haven't figured that one out, I guess.

So before I left for my week long trip to Virginia, I asked my cleaning-deficient husband to please pick up after himself while I was away. I did not want to have to spend the last day of my vacation cleaning the house.

While I was gone, he texted me "where do you keep the stuff to the mop the floors?"

I was thrilled with this comment. I thought, "oh my goodness! He's cleaning the floors?? That's great!"

Apparently though, he just wanted to know where it was. Not use it.

I just spent the last two hours cleaning my house, mainly the floors, because they had not been swept/mopped since the last time I had done it.

When I asked him about this, and why he had wanted to know where the floor cleaning stuff was located (and really? doesn't everyone keep their cleaning supplies under the sink? Is this a sign that he has not a paid attention AT ALL to my obsessive cleaning habits?), he responded, "Oh, I was going to do it before you got home. But I couldn't figure out the mop." much to teach him, I guess...

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Nuke Girl said...

Hrmmmmmm, this all sounds about right. MENFOLK. ;)

And of course you can still call yourself a girl when you're almost 30! I do all the time, it's totally legit.

Thanks for the follow, I'd love to follow your blog but I can't locate a follow button...?