Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So David's not the only one...

Real conversation at work today...

Me: "O'Colly, this is Kelsey."
Girl: "Yeah...um...I need to place an ad."
Me: "Okay...display or classified?"
Girl: "What's the difference?" (this question happens at least three times a day...how does one NOT know what a classified ad is??)
Me: explains the differences...
Girl: "Oh, I want a display ad then.  It's for a university organization."
Me: "Oh, okay, you're on campus?"
Girl: "Uh.  No, I'm on the PHONE."



Nuke Girl said...

Bwahahahaaaa, you just made my day!!! :) Some people...?

Krissy said...

#1 I'm glad you aren't the only rescuer.

#2 Why don't you like the word tastiest?

#3 PLEASE buy some Shout Wipes. I keep them in every purse and in my glove box. Tide to Go pens dry out in the hot car, but Shout Wipes don't.