Friday, April 23, 2010

The table has turned. But only briefly.

My friend Joey invited me to lunch yesterday to one of the greatest little hole in wall places in Stillwater, Crepe Myrtle.

They have some of the tastiest (I hate that word, but here, it is needed) burgers on the planet.  With some pretty awesome curly fries too.

And with curly fries comes ketchup.

And with ketchup comes dropping the curly fry, with ketchup, on my blouse.  My white blouse. 

And David had to bring me another outfit so that I could continue my work day and presentation in class last night without looking like a toddler.

He wanted me to let everyone know that he had to come to my rescue this time.

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The Mills Gang said...

Good for him!!! Glad he could rescue you! (That is how every shirt looks in London and Lily's closet. :( It's better for them to just eat shirtless---maybe you should try that!