Friday, April 9, 2010

To beef, or not to beef...

Ever had hamburger meat in the fridge for just a couple of days after buying it, and it turns grey/brown?

The inside is still pink, and I always thought it was still safe to eat until it was past it's expiration date or smelled funny.

I just figured it was something to do with being exposed to air or too cold or whatever, but it was still fine to use.

And it's definitely not changing the type of meat that it originally was...

This conversation occurred last night:

(As we're about to get dinner ready and grill out)
D: "Ya know, I read somewhere that ground chuck makes the best burgers, not the lean ground beef."

K: "I may have actually bought that, I don't remember..."  (I had originally bought the meat for meatloaf, forgetting that David won't touch the stuff...had to alter my menu this week...)

D: "No, you bought lean ground beef."

K: "Oh?  Is that what it said?" (we were in the bedroom putting laundry away, so I was little distracted)

D: "I didn't look."

K: "Then how do you know it isn't ground chuck?"

D: "Cause ground chuck is red.  What's in the fridge is brown."

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Nuke Girl said...

Ha! That's totally something you would overhear at my house (Hubs isn't much of a foodie lol). Too funny! :)