Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We had a not so fun week last week.

Beginning Sunday, Tatumbell was acting odd.  He stayed curled up in a ball, sleeping under the bed, not wanting us to touch him, not really eating or anything.  Needless to say, I grew more and more worried as this went on for days.

On Wednesday, I had had it.  We took him to the vet (Vet Med here on campus), and after hearing that they had no idea what was wrong with him and needed to perform many many tests, costing upwards of $500, I broke down in tears in the vet's office.

We don't have any extra cash right now.  But I could not let my cat continue like this without doing something.  Anything.

So they opted to do the "cheapest" of the tests, which is the blood work. 

But they came back fine.  So again, they had no idea what was wrong with him.

They sent us home with some pain meds for him "to work this out on his own" and basically, just to pray for the best.

I gave him the medicine, but by Friday morning, I was convinced we were going back to the vet as his behavior had not changed at all.

All week long, my stomach was in knots as I was so worried and stressed out over Tatumbell, I could hardly see straight. 

I found a website (http://prayersforpets.org/), and after I posted about Tatumbell's situation, I had several e-mails praying for his recovery and for peace for David and me.

And they must have worked.

I came home Friday afternoon expecting to see my listless fur baby curled up under the bed with no improvement on his condition.

But he was back to normal...happy, purring and playfully swatting at my hand as I rubbed his belly.

I still have no idea what was wrong, but I'm just so grateful he's okay now, I can finally relax. 

So, whew.  :)


The West Family said...

Wow...what neat story! Glad he is ok. It is awful when pets are sick. The worst feeling not knowing what is wrong and they can't tell you. :-(

Ashley said...

Oh, our pets are our babies too! Poor little one! I'm so glad to hear all is on the up and up. Thank goodness for prayers! Yeah!