Thursday, May 27, 2010

Like Father, Like Son In Law

I knew there was a reason I married David.

He reminds me of my dad sometimes...

Some background info here: my cousin (Tim) and his family recently had to move back in with my aunt and uncle (Judy and Ben) while they were in between homes--waiting on one to sell, and then the other to be bought.

Actual conversation my mother had with dad about this:

Mom: "So are Tim and Melissa still living at Judy and Ben's?"

Dad: "No, they are in their own house now."

Mom: "Oh, so where are they living?" (obviously meaning where in Oklahoma City or Edmond they had bought their house)

Dad: "Well, IN it."

Thursday, May 20, 2010


You would think after living in Oklahoma my entire 31 years of life, I would be used to tornado season.

Nope.  Hate it.

The first real threat of the season occurred last night.  No sooner had Mike Morgan said, "Stillwater, this is headed directly toward you," I packed up the kitties and had them in the car before D even had his shoes on.

My "safe place" is my building on campus.  The Journalism building is over 90 years old, made of cement blocks, and with an office in the basement, I knew we'd be safest there.  Unlike my house, where there is not an interior room/closet or basement to go to.

So off to campus we went.  Having just left for the work day, I was not happy about going back, but just fine if it meant we would be safe from tornados.  I really hate them.  Hate hate hate.

After we put the furbabies in my office, we went back outside (as most Oklahomans do during an impending storm...), and apparently, the entire town of Stillwater wanted on campus too.  The parking garage next to my building was full within 15 minutes with a line of cars still wanting to get in.

(My co-worker Barbara brought her two cats in her rolling suitcase.  She couldn't find their carriers.)

The O'Colly has a large tv in the newsroom, so several of us went in there to see how much time we still had, as David, the amateur storm tracker himself, decided to "walk around and see what's going on."

I swear, he would chase the damn storm if I let him.

(we didn't take this video, but it shows just how creepy this thing was)

The sirens were going off, and the PA system on campus warning us we only had 3-5 minutes to take cover.  And David is still out walking around.  Most likely contemplating how to get on the roof of the Student Union for a better view.

So I called him to tell him to get his ass back to the Journalism building, as this thing was fast approaching.

And what does he tell me when I ask where he is?

"I noticed the Sigma Nu's were on their roof, and that's awesome, and I thought that I'd..."

I interrupted him here to tell him to GET.HIS.ASS.BACK.TO.THE.JOURNALISM.BUILDING.

Needless to say, the storm was pretty anticlimatic, and for that I'm thankful.  Pretty sure the tornado-chasin' husband of mine was hoping for a bit more excitement though...maybe next time, I'll let him get on the roof of a fraternity house, if only for a better story for him than "so we took the cats up to the O'Colly..."

Wednesday, May 19, 2010



That's how I feel right now.  (WARNING: this is a bitching post...)

Some of you are aware of all that's going on with me right now.  And for those of you that are's a little rundown:

1) Since the hubs and I are both in school (I swear, 9+ of higher education, I should be the smartest effing person alive...), we live off of my salary and student loans...the lack of cash flow into our home causes me to hyperventilate every now and then, but somehow, D puts into perspective for me: "We pay our dues now, so we can play hard later.  Simple as that."  The fact is, we chose to go back to school (or in my case, continue through for a terminal degree), so I just need to suck it up, quit whining and get back to working on a paper...

2) which brings me to this one.  I found out while on vacation with Krissy in Virginia, that I did not pass my qualifying exams I had taken in January.  I needed to retake part 2 of them, which I am doing right sucks having to do this again, but it's really not that bad, all I have to do is tweak part of my original proposal, but I have mini break downs thinking about this thing and the possibility of me not passing again which would then have some serious repurcussions because I couldn't continue in the program and the thought that I have put in 3 years to this thing to not be able to complete it would seriously cause me to go a little ape shit.  Whenever I get this crazy, the hubs will start calling me "Dr. Nuckolls" for a little extra push.  And I appreciate that so much.

3) Tatumbell is acting funny again, and I hover over him while he's sleeping and check to see if he's still breathing, and then I start crying that I'm even having to do that, and D reminds me that he always comes out of these little spells of his, and if he stays bad for an extended period of time, we'll go to the vet then, but not to continue to worry right now.

4) without going into too much detail, my dad's sick, and his whole situation is a daily battle of my (and everyone else in my family's) sanity.  Whenever it gets too much for me and I unload on D about it, he'll ask me to tell him a story about my dad when I was little.  This gets me out of that funk and helps me not to be so frustrated with it all.

So the moral of all this? 

I could not have all of this going on, and still be somewhat sane if not for my husband. 

I thank God every day (or I should) for giving me the perfect partner in life.  He balances out my crazy.  And somehow, makes it all seem okay.

Friday, May 14, 2010


David really wanted me to tell this story here to illustrate that I say some stupid shit sometimes too.

I KNOW that buffalo wings are chicken.

I am NOT Jessica Simpson stupid here.

I just made the comment, "Why do they call them Buffalo wings then?"

He told me it was the sauce, and that it originated in Buffalo, NY.

Me: "Huh.  I figured it had something to do with the sauce...just wasn't sure how it was connected to buffaloes.  Could have been made from buffaloes for all I knew."

D: "You thought the buffalo sauce was MADE from buffaloes??"

Me: "Well, I don't know.  Could have been I guess..."

D: Laughing too hard to really respond...

Me: "Shut up...I just thought there was a connection to buffaloes, not Buffalo, New York..."

D: "Put the shovel down, honey.  The grave has been dug."

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

dreams of princes.

I woke up to a crazy-ass, vivid dream this morning.

I was with Prince William.  And apparently I was pregnant with his child.  And we needed to tell Princess Di about it.

Yep, she's alive.

And she took the news really well (such a nice lady), so all was well in Kelsey's dream world.

I re-told this dream to my co-workers this morning, and one responded with, "Did you watch something with Prince William in it before you went to bed or something?"

This co-worker has only met David once.

So she may not realize whom my husband resembles...

(although he gets really mad at me when I say this cause of the Prince's rapid hair loss as of lately...)

Too bad our checking account doesn't also resemble the Prince's...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A mother's day rescue.

My 31st 29th birthday was this past weekend.  Mother's Day actually.  I loathe just love sharing my birthday with every mother on the planet...

but the mothers really came through for my birthday.

With my mother's help, David was once again steered in the right direction of a gift.

I found the most perfect orange purse at Kohl's...1/2 off.

Apparently though, it was pretty difficult to track down.

He went to the store in Edmond.  The purse was no longer there.

And due to his already running late to make it to my Bedlam baseball game party in Bricktown, he didn't have time to check the store in OKC.

And we had to leave early Sunday (my actual birthday) to get back to Stillwater since he had to work.

At some point, he called the store on NW Expressway, and they did have it.

Buuuuut...he was already in Stillwater.

So my mother-in-law came to his rescue.

She went and got the purse.  And met him in Guthrie Sunday evening.

And he was able to give me my new purse.

So thanks moms.