Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A mother's day rescue.

My 31st 29th birthday was this past weekend.  Mother's Day actually.  I loathe just love sharing my birthday with every mother on the planet...

but the mothers really came through for my birthday.

With my mother's help, David was once again steered in the right direction of a gift.

I found the most perfect orange purse at Kohl's...1/2 off.

Apparently though, it was pretty difficult to track down.

He went to the store in Edmond.  The purse was no longer there.

And due to his already running late to make it to my Bedlam baseball game party in Bricktown, he didn't have time to check the store in OKC.

And we had to leave early Sunday (my actual birthday) to get back to Stillwater since he had to work.

At some point, he called the store on NW Expressway, and they did have it.

Buuuuut...he was already in Stillwater.

So my mother-in-law came to his rescue.

She went and got the purse.  And met him in Guthrie Sunday evening.

And he was able to give me my new purse.

So thanks moms. 

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The West Family said...

Nice work David. Way to come through. And a very happy belated to you!!