Wednesday, May 12, 2010

dreams of princes.

I woke up to a crazy-ass, vivid dream this morning.

I was with Prince William.  And apparently I was pregnant with his child.  And we needed to tell Princess Di about it.

Yep, she's alive.

And she took the news really well (such a nice lady), so all was well in Kelsey's dream world.

I re-told this dream to my co-workers this morning, and one responded with, "Did you watch something with Prince William in it before you went to bed or something?"

This co-worker has only met David once.

So she may not realize whom my husband resembles...

(although he gets really mad at me when I say this cause of the Prince's rapid hair loss as of lately...)

Too bad our checking account doesn't also resemble the Prince's...

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The West Family said...

Ha ha! Too funny! I never noticed that before.