Monday, June 21, 2010

Decorating and new doggie.

I've been busy moving rooms in my house.  When I don't have much to do, I start cleaning and rearranging furniture apparently...I haven't had free time in so long, I forgot what to do with it.  So I started moving all the bedrooms in the house.  I moved the spare bed upstairs, the futon downstairs (then eventually got rid of it altogether), and moved our bedroom to the back room (what used to be the spare bedroom).  Cleaning everything in the process.

Since my dad is now using a hospital bed, I offered to take his antique wood bed that used to be my Grandaddy's.  So I started prepping the spare bedroom for it's arrival.

I chose some fabric for curtains, matched the blue in it for the walls, and found some throw pillows for the bed. 

And then got to work.

After about a 3 week process, it is pretty much complete...! 

The front room before, as our bedroom...(I moved all of this to the back bedroom, and it looks exactly the same back there.  Reason for the move was this room has a ceiling fan).

Before the painting began...

Pretty much done!

And we have a new addition to our dad's dog, Baxter, has come to live with us.
 I was unsure if we were ready for another pet, especially since Tatumbell has not been gone for long, but so far, he's aided in healing our hearts.  He is very laid back, never makes a sound, and loves car rides and visiting our friends.  We like having him around :)

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