Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Taurus is Bigger than your Virgo

Despite our sad moods around the house (which have been getting much much better.  Many thanks to those that sent prayers and thoughts in our direction, they helped!)

we still have David around for some comic relief...

The night before Kim and Paul's wedding, we went over to their house before heading out.

Lindsey was wearing this shirt.

and David says to me, "Hey Kelsey, you need that shirt!"

I was immediately impressed that my husband knew I was a Taurus...he's not really into horoscopes and whatnot, so I thought to myself, "awww, he paid attention somewhere along the way..."


Lindsey then asked him, "David, what are you?"

His response?

"Well, I'm rollin' in an Altima these days..."

It didn't take me long to realize my husband thought I should have Lindsey's shirt, not because he knew that I am a Taurus, but rather, because I drive one...

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