Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thank you, Dr. McGuire.

Two weeks to the day of finding out that I had not passed my qualifying exams, and I was no longer to be considered a graduate student in the EDLE higher education doctoral program, my school of employment and one in which I am a graduate already, has come through for me.

The School of Media and Strategic Communications (formerly the School of Journalism and Broadcast for you OSU alums not understanding what I am saying here...) has a Mass Communications Masters program.  I was supplementing my doctorate with classes from mass comm to create my cognate area in order to make my degree a little more well-rounded.

I graduated with my bachelors degree in journalism, and my first Masters is in higher education from OU.  I would have liked to earn a Ph.D. in advertising/pr; however, OSU's program only offers up to a Masters degree at this point.  This is why I had originally began a doctorate in higher education in the first place.  I figured it would be the most comparable in helping me get to where I eventually want to be, which is in university marketing or communications faculty.

This past year, I took a few mass comm courses, and one in particular with a faculty member I have always noticed around the building, Dr. John McGuire.  (He's a perfect candidate for The Biggest Loser...seriously...).  He has his way with my papers, and because of his tough-natured demeanor, I became a better student and academic.  He quickly became one of my favorites.

And thankfully so.  For the first time in 10 years, another faculty member stepped down from his position as the School's Graduate Coordinator, and Dr. McGuire stepped in.  But only for this summer and this fall semester.  When I was told this a few months ago, I paid little attention to it.  It was of no concern to me.

But the timing of his taking over this position could not have been more pivotal in my own academic career.  Last Wednesday, just three days after he began his new position, I went to him for help.

I asked how to transfer over to the School to earn a Masters degree in Mass Communications.  And to do so as soon as possible so as not to lose my financial aid opportunities I had been given for this upcoming school year (how do you let someone know you no longer need a scholarship??  I didn't want to find out...)

We talked for a while, and I was under the impression I would need to submit my application to the department soon, take the GRE and in the mean time, be considered "special student" status and not receive financial aid.

But then, last night, he sent me an email...telling me the best news EVER.

That I would be immediately accepted into the program, beginning now basically, I would not have to take the GRE, and I would not lose my financial aid.

I could not have been more grateful and excited.

I never really panicked throughout this whole thing, but I did worry that the last 3 years may have been a complete waste of money and time.

But at least now, some of my hours will transfer, and at the end of (hopefully) December 2011, I'll have another Masters degree.

So, thank you, Dr. McGuire.  You opened a window when one door was slammed in my face.

And the fresh air being let in from that open window is pretty refreshing.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

no self-awareness.

I'm fascinated by the complete lack of awareness my next door neighbors have...

I came home from the grocery store today, to see baby daddy working on the beat up Explorer.  In the front lawn of course.

This Explorer should not be street legal.  It's so beat to shit it rattles in neutral.

But this hasn't stopped baby daddy from trying to get it in some sort of working order.

In the front lawn.

I know it may be difficult to see in the picture, but there were about 4 toddlers running around in the yard (notice the one in the street?), and one of the women there (not sure if it was Arkansas hood rat or her friend) was yelling at the kids, of course.  Wearing only a t-shirt again.

At one point, baby daddy did get the Explorer to go, and when he backed out of the driveway, took all of their trash with them...

Ahhh, to be completely oblivious to all that is around you...must be blissful.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


David loves that I am blogging about Whisky Tango instead of him...but they keep providing material, so I must oblige, right?


It's Oklahoma in July.  Which means it is a hundred and hell degrees outside.

and watering your lawn during the day, for those with even just a smidgen of common sense, is a waste.  That water is evaporated faster than you can say, "water vapor."

And those are the people that actually HAVE nice lawns and would like to keep them looking like that. 

Like my neighbors across the street from me:

Or to the north of me:

Not these freakin' people...

Yep.  They watered their crabgrass for a grand total of 10 HOURS on Saturday.  But they didn't just water the lawn...they got the street for at least 3 of those 10 hours.  Not a drop on the grass.  And yes, that's a shopping cart in their lawn.  Want to see what else was getting wet?

I mean, why not leave the trash can right in front of your porch?  And that gate you see in the pic?  That's the make shift baby gate.  They close that, prop open the storm door and let the dirty little thing run around.  I call it a "thing" cause I honestly have no idea what gender it may be...I can't tell since it only wears diapers.  Usually diapers so dirty they are sagging off it's little ass. 

How do I know this?  Well, that baby gate that's supposed to keep it on it's own front porch? 

Yeah, doesn't work so well.  I often find the little dirty thing on MY porch.  Looking into my storm door.  Leaving greasy little white trash baby marks everywhere.  I've had to shoo it away at least 4 times already. 

Yes, you read that right.

I "shooed" it away.  It was awfully dirty, and I did this grand "shoo-ing" gesture on my porch and shot a disapproving look to the mother.

But she was too busy, wearing nothing but a really long Arkansas t-shirt with a Confederate flag (of course!) on it, moving the sprinkler to really get the driveway good and soaked. 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Whisky Tango

David calls our next door neighbors, "Whisky Tango."

In other words, "White Trash."

It does not get much more stereotypical trashiness than these people.

Here is my cute little house:
I must have had blinders on when I bought it.  Cause I didn't see this:
It's painfully obviously a rent house.  And we've had our fair share of renters over the last 3 years come in and out of this place.

But the latest bunch take the friggin' cake.

Each weekend, the young mom and one of her friends, along with one of the baby daddy's and his friend, drag their two dirty kids out to play in the front yard.

And this is what it looks like...
Awesome right?

And it's often not picked up.  All week long.  Even when it rains.  That pic with the stroller in it?  Taken this past Saturday.  Today is Thursday.  It rained this morning.  Stroller still there.

But it's not so much as how they choose to decorate, it's more how they let the entire block know that they are white trash.  By yelling at one another, complete with every other word as an F bomb, in the front yard. 

Here's what happened the other night...

Around 6pm, baby daddy comes to our front door.  David answers it, and baby daddy proceeds to tell him that his "wife" is being difficult, and could he borrow David's phone...?

David let him.  And the guy says this into the phone, "Yeah, this is Larry Pearson, checking in."

Hmmmm...parole officer?  Bail bondsman?  Doesn't matter, that conversation would only occur in one of those instances.

He thanked David and went home.

But then around 10:30 he's back at our front door.  To tell us that the "wife" has kicked him out of the house and he's going to be sleeping in a tent.  In our front yard.

Uh, no you are not, dude.  So David tells him to keep it off our property.  So baby daddy Larry puts it up on the side of the house.  Which just happened to be right outside my bedroom window.  You've got to be kidding me.

While he's on our front porch telling David his entire fight with the missus, another dude comes to support him and interject with his own account of the situation.

And then the shit storm begins. 

White trash lady and her friend are yelling at the baby daddy and his friend--while they are still on my porch, so of course, they are yelling back--dropping F bombs everywhere, all while holding the youngest kid. 

And the older kid?  She's using both hands to flip off the baby daddy.  She looks about 3.

It's at this time that David and I tell them all to get the hell off my porch and front lawn or we're calling the cops.  I don't want to be associated with these people.

Baby daddy Larry then tells us, "Oh, they're already on their way.  She called them on me, and I called them on her."


So about this time, two cop calls pull up.  Right in front of my house, so it looks just great.

Things calm down, and I go to bed.

But remember how Baby Daddy Larry is sleeping in a tent?  Yeah, he's pretty much right outside my window.

So around 12:30am, the shit storm starts again.

Only this time, he's yelling back at her from the tent.  Right outside my bedroom window.

And it's at this point, that David realizes that I am about to go all ape shit on these people, so he goes outside and tells him to leave.  There's more yelling between all the white trash people, and Baby Daddy Larry goes walking off down the street.  Yelling at her as he goes, something about how she needs to just go be with her boyfriend, to which she responds, "Fine!  I will!  He's a better fuck than you anyhows!"

Seriously.  That.Just.Happened.

I spent a good deal of time on the phone the next day trying to find the owner of the house to attempt to contact him/her about these people.  I'm not having it anymore.  I'd rather live next door to constantly partying college kids.  Not this real-life Cops episode. 

I so hope they are long gone by the time we go to sell our house, as I'm sure each day they are around, my property value decreases by about 12%...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

no more.

Well, it's a little ironic what my last post was about.

I came home Monday (after working on my dissertation's literature review all day at the library) to a letter from my academic department.

This letter was to inform me that I did not in fact pass my qualifying exams, and that I would then be dismissed from the program.

Ummmm, what??

But my advisor, Dr. Wanger, allowed me to enroll in 2 dissertation hours this summer, which means I PASSED quals, right?

Apparently not. 

I'm 3 courses and 8 hours of dissertation work away from my Ed.D.

And I won't be getting it.  At least not from OSU. 

I'm exploring all of my options right now, and really just getting over the whole self-pitying crap that engulfed me for the last two days. 

I hate failing at anything.  As most people do I assume.  How did this happen??

I still don't know.  None of it makes any sense.  People in my program I consider complete morons passed.  But not me.  And one other friend of mine.

We were the only two Ed.D students left in the program.  The others are Ph.D.

There had been talk amongst the faculty of getting rid of the entire Ed.D program altogether.  But I just assumed that meant after they had at least graduated US.

I guess they just wanted to end it sooner. 

So 3 years and about $30,000 later, I am without many options to continue my education.  But I refuse to give up on that.  I'll figure it out.

And in another twisted turn of irony, last night, I received an email from a prestigious academic conference that my research proposal had been accepted for presentation at the conference this fall.

I had used quite a bit of this same format of a proposal in my qualifying exam proposal.  Hmph.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

302 Days from Now.

May 6th, 2011.

Approximately 7:00pm CST.

I'm thinking Gallagher-Iba Arena on the Oklahoma State University campus.

I should be wearing something similar to this:

For the next few months, I will not be much fun, and I apologize in advance for that.

Ya see, I've started working on my dissertation.


Yep, I've made it to this point, and there's no turning around/stopping now, so my goal of earning a Doctorate of Education should be obtained by May...

Just wanted to give a heads up if I don't write as often, you'll know I've probably curled myself into a ball on the 4th floor of the Edmon Low library with stacks of academic articles surrounding me, with a most likely sleep-deprived twitch developing as I attempt to write the largest and most important paper in all of my life...

I began this journey in the fall of 2007, and I have a hard time believing I am to this point now as it does not seem that long ago I dove back into the world of higher education...as a student again instead of just a staff member.

But here I am.  I can really see the end of this coming.

Good crap, I could not be more excited about that.

But I know it will be a long and difficult year.  And I appreciate your support as I complete this.

So thanks ahead of time.

(soon!!) Dr. Kelsey Nuckolls