Tuesday, July 20, 2010


David loves that I am blogging about Whisky Tango instead of him...but they keep providing material, so I must oblige, right?


It's Oklahoma in July.  Which means it is a hundred and hell degrees outside.

and watering your lawn during the day, for those with even just a smidgen of common sense, is a waste.  That water is evaporated faster than you can say, "water vapor."

And those are the people that actually HAVE nice lawns and would like to keep them looking like that. 

Like my neighbors across the street from me:

Or to the north of me:

Not these freakin' people...

Yep.  They watered their crabgrass for a grand total of 10 HOURS on Saturday.  But they didn't just water the lawn...they got the street for at least 3 of those 10 hours.  Not a drop on the grass.  And yes, that's a shopping cart in their lawn.  Want to see what else was getting wet?

I mean, why not leave the trash can right in front of your porch?  And that gate you see in the pic?  That's the make shift baby gate.  They close that, prop open the storm door and let the dirty little thing run around.  I call it a "thing" cause I honestly have no idea what gender it may be...I can't tell since it only wears diapers.  Usually diapers so dirty they are sagging off it's little ass. 

How do I know this?  Well, that baby gate that's supposed to keep it on it's own front porch? 

Yeah, doesn't work so well.  I often find the little dirty thing on MY porch.  Looking into my storm door.  Leaving greasy little white trash baby marks everywhere.  I've had to shoo it away at least 4 times already. 

Yes, you read that right.

I "shooed" it away.  It was awfully dirty, and I did this grand "shoo-ing" gesture on my porch and shot a disapproving look to the mother.

But she was too busy, wearing nothing but a really long Arkansas t-shirt with a Confederate flag (of course!) on it, moving the sprinkler to really get the driveway good and soaked. 

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MissPriss said...

OMG! That was SO funny! HA!!!! Next time please snap a pic of the Arkansas tee!