Wednesday, July 14, 2010

no more.

Well, it's a little ironic what my last post was about.

I came home Monday (after working on my dissertation's literature review all day at the library) to a letter from my academic department.

This letter was to inform me that I did not in fact pass my qualifying exams, and that I would then be dismissed from the program.

Ummmm, what??

But my advisor, Dr. Wanger, allowed me to enroll in 2 dissertation hours this summer, which means I PASSED quals, right?

Apparently not. 

I'm 3 courses and 8 hours of dissertation work away from my Ed.D.

And I won't be getting it.  At least not from OSU. 

I'm exploring all of my options right now, and really just getting over the whole self-pitying crap that engulfed me for the last two days. 

I hate failing at anything.  As most people do I assume.  How did this happen??

I still don't know.  None of it makes any sense.  People in my program I consider complete morons passed.  But not me.  And one other friend of mine.

We were the only two Ed.D students left in the program.  The others are Ph.D.

There had been talk amongst the faculty of getting rid of the entire Ed.D program altogether.  But I just assumed that meant after they had at least graduated US.

I guess they just wanted to end it sooner. 

So 3 years and about $30,000 later, I am without many options to continue my education.  But I refuse to give up on that.  I'll figure it out.

And in another twisted turn of irony, last night, I received an email from a prestigious academic conference that my research proposal had been accepted for presentation at the conference this fall.

I had used quite a bit of this same format of a proposal in my qualifying exam proposal.  Hmph.


TurnOKBlue said...

In the most sincere terms I want to express how sorry I am to hear this friend. That really sucks.

On a lighter note, does this mean you won't be renewing your season tickets to OSU football?

Kelsey Johnston Nuckolls said...

Actually, no, I will not be. But that was decided long before this decision...they are just too damn expensive! I will continue to tailgate though :)

TurnOKBlue said...

Well the heck with 'em. Tailgating is the most fun part anyhow.

Ashley said...

Geez, I can only imagine how you must be feeling. I would have already been tailgating with that information, but it sounds like you are dealing with things the best you can. Take your time thinking through all your options.

Thinking of you, girl!