Thursday, August 5, 2010

Favorite Movie...?

This one is tough for me.  Ask David, he'd tell you that I'm constantly saying about any particular movie, "Oh, this one for sure is in my Top 5."  He calls it my "rotating movie list."

But there are some staples that will always be near the top.

My #5: Grandma's Boy
This movie is one that David and I will quote all.the.time.  We love Nick Swardson, and he's pretty effing awesome in this.  

#4: Up
This is a new favorite for me.  We try to watch it at least once a month, but David refuses to watch the first 15 minutes or so.  I have a dream of naming a dog Dug.  And making him talk.

#3: Christmas Vacation
My family used to begin watching this on Thanksgiving night and then every night following all the way through Christmas.  I no longer have the time for that, but it's put on when I wrap presents or make divinity (a holiday only activity).  Please do not watch this with me unless you too can say every line cause pretty sure, I'm only going to annoy you.

#2: Steel Magnolias
I'm a girl.  And I LOVE this movie.  If I find that it's on t.v., I'll watch it up until Shelby collapses at her house on Halloween.  I cannot handle it after that. 

And the #1?  Yeah, it's Animal House
I think this is the funniest, most quotable movie ever created.  I fell in love with this movie in college actually, and it remains in the top spot for me.  At least for now...

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